Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Goal celebrations

8 o'clock Friday morning

Dad (aged 38): Come on son, time to get up

Son (aged 8): I hate poopid Fridays, I don't want to go to school

Dad: Did you know son, there are some very small people who live on a different planet on the other side of the universe and are called iggle people. They see everything that happens on our planet but they don't interfere, like the Watcher in the Fantastic Four. Each iggle person picks a human being on our planet to support. And fifty of them support Andrew Lappin. When you open your eyes they say 'hooray Andrew's woken up'. When you start getting dressed they say 'hooray Andrew's getting dressed' and everytime you put on a sock they shout and wave their arms in the air with joy. And when you score a goal they are so happy they dance around their little rooms

Son: I haven't scored a goal in the playground for ages. There are two really good goalies Jake and Arthur and it doesn't matter what I do I can't score.

7:30 Friday evening, picking up from boys brigade time

Son: (playing football in the church hall, sees dad and runs over to him) Dad, dad, I scored a goal in the playground, and I scored a hat-trick at Boys Brigade!

Dad:(high fives with son): The iggle people are going mad, they are having street parties!

9 o'clock Friday evening

Son (lying in bed holding his Star Wars book): Are there really iggle people dad, or is it just a story to make me happy?

Dad: Funny you should ask that, because, somewhere on the other side of the universe, a little tiny iggle boy is lying in his iggle bed saying 'dad, is there really an Andrew Lappin who scored lots of goals today, or have you just made it up to make me happy?'