Tuesday, December 26, 2006

conversation between daughter and father

daughter (Anna, aged 4): Your name is James, isn't it daddy
father (James, aged 37): Yes Anna
daughter: When I'm a grown up, if I have a little boy, I will call it James too
father: (bursting with pride): thats nice Anna
daughter (thinking hard): ......or I might call it James and the Giant peach

Friday, December 22, 2006


Wordie is a terrific new site that lets you collect and share your favourite words.

It also lets you make lists of particular types of words.
Like these:
more than human by Lampbane
tales from another world by squareintheteeth
scripted apathy by uselessness
the horizontal hula by nkocharh
Joycean vocab by inkhorn

I've listed some of the words Morrissey used on Hatful of Hollow. Slackagogo has made listings of words from XTC and The Ramones

Monday, December 18, 2006

Drawing for Cosmos

This lunchtime I went and sat on the metal seats that are thoughtfully provided on the City of London side of the Millenium Bridge and drew the view over the Thames to the Tate Modern, for my blog friend Cosmos.

I gave B her drawing too, she has put in on her blog.

stars reflected in the reservoirs

I got a nice seat on the train this morning, snuggled in the far back corner of the carriage. I was singing Morrissey's 'First of the Gang to die' to myself while I drew the picture.

I tried to keep in time to the music (but some of it may be a little of tune).