Friday, December 22, 2006


Wordie is a terrific new site that lets you collect and share your favourite words.

It also lets you make lists of particular types of words.
Like these:
more than human by Lampbane
tales from another world by squareintheteeth
scripted apathy by uselessness
the horizontal hula by nkocharh
Joycean vocab by inkhorn

I've listed some of the words Morrissey used on Hatful of Hollow. Slackagogo has made listings of words from XTC and The Ramones


cosmos said...

Happy holidays, James.

James Lappin said...

Thank you cosmos, I had a lovely day yesterday. I know christmas isn't meant to be about presents, but I really like mine. As I write, early on Boxing day, I'm sitting listing to the cricket from Australia on the transistor radio that Tania got me for christmas. Come on England! I also got a bookend, an atlas and some slippers. Thanks folks!

cosmos said...

It is nice to receive good gifts, the ones we can actually use. :)
I got some too and I can't complain. :) I see nothing wrong with exchanging gifts that are from our hearts though.:)