Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 2 (floodlight failure)

February 1st

I takes me about a week and a half to shoot a roll of black and white film with my old Olympus 10. Another four or five days to get it developed at the shop around the corner from where I work in Brussels, and another few days before I get around to scanning any of the pictures. My intention is to start putting some of the photos up on facebook (and here) to form a dislocated real time lifestream - dislocated by two and a half weeks.

We will start with Friday night,the 1 February.

We are in an African bar in Brussels 'L'horloge du Sud', on the borderline between the congolese bit of the city and the Eurocrat quarter. Itdoesn't actually have any African people in it as far as I can tell, apart from the people working there and two guys unpacking some musical instruments in a corner.

But it does have, pictured here, Lorenzo, a glam rock singer, and Kat, a violinist, ringing Toby to try to pursuade him to join us (he didn't)