Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anthem for Jimmy Bullard

Its Fulham's big game this Saturday: at home to Birmingham City.

So I've written this song about Jimmy Bullard, to the tune of 'the animals marched in two by two hurrah' (with a nod to the Liverpool fans who use the tune for their Torres song.)

That Sanchez he was such a clown, Bullard, Bullard
It looked like he would take us down, Bullard, Bullard
But you came back and saved the day, and now we even win away
Cos you're super Jimmy, super Jim Bullard

They said your knee would never mend, Bullard, Bullard
But now we watch your free-kicks bend, Bullard, Bullard
Past the keeper like a dart, to warm the cockles of our hearts
Cos you're super Jimmy, super Jim Bullard

You were Chris Coleman's greatest buy Bullard, Bullard
You've said you'll stay until you die Bullard, Bullard
We'll sing this song throughout the land, and we'll put your name on one of our stands
Cos we love you Jimmy, super Jim Bullard

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our second greyhound: Becks

Becks has come to live with us. Like our first dog (Alexa), Becks is an ex-racing greyhound. He raced under the name of Lethal Becks and retired about a year ago. Apparently he is named after the bottled beer rather than the footballer.
After retirement Becks stayed for a year at a very good home in South East London, so he is used to being a family pet.

He is a nice calm dog, he hasn't been any trouble, and seems to get on fine with Alexa. I think she is pulling rank on him a bit now though: she wanted his bed this morning, so Becks had to go and sleep on hers. Then a bit later Alexa changed her mind and got her bed back

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St Helens Green

This is the view from the cottage in St Helens, on the Isle of Wight, where we spent the first week of the Easter holidays.

It was the first time we had taken our dog on holiday. We didn't want to leave it on its own in a cottage it wasn't used to, but luckily we managed to get into a dog friendly routine.

Most mornings we booked the kids in for a pony walk from Sally's stables at Bembridge. The ponies walked for an hour along Bembridge beach while Tania and I followed behind with the dog. It is an interesting beach, the most easterly point of the Isle of Wight, with a vast limestone ledge jutting out from underneath a cliff. The ledge gets covered up at high water and is a notorious hazard to boats and yachts.

After the walks we would go to the Crab and Lobster pub in Bembridge, our favourite pub: it is dog friendly and does great prawns and chips.