Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our second greyhound: Becks

Becks has come to live with us. Like our first dog (Alexa), Becks is an ex-racing greyhound. He raced under the name of Lethal Becks and retired about a year ago. Apparently he is named after the bottled beer rather than the footballer.
After retirement Becks stayed for a year at a very good home in South East London, so he is used to being a family pet.

He is a nice calm dog, he hasn't been any trouble, and seems to get on fine with Alexa. I think she is pulling rank on him a bit now though: she wanted his bed this morning, so Becks had to go and sleep on hers. Then a bit later Alexa changed her mind and got her bed back

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Sue said...

Nice drawing. :)