Monday, December 18, 2006

Drawing for Cosmos

This lunchtime I went and sat on the metal seats that are thoughtfully provided on the City of London side of the Millenium Bridge and drew the view over the Thames to the Tate Modern, for my blog friend Cosmos.

I gave B her drawing too, she has put in on her blog.


cosmos said...

Hi James, it is such a honor to receive a wonderful gift like this. You are very talented; I think I said this before. :) Also this was a great opportunity to learn about Millennium Bridge. I see that it has some interesting history. I was in London in October of 2000 ( a short trip ) and I was not aware of this bridge when I was there; I guess I can see why -- because it was closed during that time. Anyway, I really enjoyed your drawing. Thank you very much.

James Lappin said...

Hi Cosmos I'm glad you like it! The millenium bridge is my lunchtime escape route from the corporateness of the City of London over to Southwark.

You walk over the river without any cars anywhere near you.

Beautiful at night too, when the lights of the city seem brighter because of the dark of the river.

cosmos said...

It is great that you have a means to escape the "corporateness" like that. The bridge - walking over the river- sounds quite romantic too. :) Next time I have a chance to visit London, I have to check out the bridge for sure.