Monday, May 01, 2006

Can't wait for tomorrow (287)

Stefan Brüggemann has painted 728 potential exhibition titles onto the walls of the ICA, in his entry for the 2006 Beck's Futures competition.

I believe that the winner of the competion will be announced today.

Bruggeman says anyone is free to use the exhibition titles if they want to. He offered first choice from the titles to the organisers of the Becks Futures exhibition themselves, and they chose a title for each of the three venues that the exhibition is being staged (London, Bristol and Glasgow).

The title for the London Becks Futures at ICA is ‘Can’t Wait for Tomorrow’, the 287th of Bruggeman’s titles.
  • I have decided to put all of these titles to good use: I am going to us them as the titles my next 728 blog posts.
  • I will not use any other titles until I have got through all of Bruggeman’s titles.
  • I will not use any title more than once.
  • I will use the titles in any order I like
  • I will make a blog post a day
  • I'm starting with this post: 727 to go now!

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