Friday, June 09, 2006

One zag

Can you have a zag without a zig?

Is there a word for a word which sounds like the letter that the concept it represents looks like?

Do geometry professors use the word zigzag? Or is it just a lay term?

Does the zig zag count as a shape or is it just a pattern? What if someone drew a zig zag line that went round in a circle and joined up with the start of the zig zag line again. Would that count as a shape? Would it be a zigzag shape or a circle?

Did Euclid have anything to say about zig ags?

What do languages without the letter ‘z’ in their script call zigzags?

Does the word ‘zigzag’ have anything to do with the word ‘ziggurat’ or do they just sound the same.

Good luck to people leaving England on great adventures today:
  • Val heading south to the world cup in a van
  • Mum and dad heading north to their new home in Dalgety Bay

1 comment:

Soo said...

You bring up a very interesting question...umm...just zag without zig.. if I have to guess, there would be no zag without zig. I think what makes zag is the existence of zig and vice versa. It is like Yin and Yang. Yin can’t exist without Yang and vice versa.