Thursday, July 20, 2006

This morning

Our one year celebration kicks off with the suggestion of Marine Hugonnier that we rejoice in the knowledge that human beings have walked on the moon.

I am celebrating by singing the REM tune 'do you believe they put a man on the moon' but changing the lyrics to suit whatever I am doing at the time.

At the breakfast table I sang 'do you believe, I've got some egg on my spoon, egg on my spoon'

On the 08:07 New Malden to Waterloo train I am writing these words and singing 'do you believe, I can type without much room, without much room'


Cosmos said...

That's a cute song. :)

Anonymous said...

If you'd also bemoaned the deaths of israelis by Hezbollah rocket and suicide bombs then I might agree with you. But you do seem a bit one-sided in your condemnations James. Anyway, have a good day.