Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is Alexa, she is an ex-racing greyhound that we have adopted from Hersham Hounds.

Our first dog, and she seems to be settling well. She's very placid (but we have had to hold on tight to the lead on occassions when she has spotted a cat or a squirrel or a toy electric car). She doesn't waste energy so when she's not out for a walk she's usually spread out in her corner like you see in the picture.

Hersham Hounds gave us lots of good advice about looking after greyhounds. We knew needed a greyhound that is friendly with other dogs and happy to be around children, and Alexa fits the bill on both of those.


Anonymous said...

She's a fine looking hound indeed Mr. Lappin, and only about 6 times the size of mine :)

Here he is as a puppy:

Adam Hedley

Anonymous said...

Just noticed it hasnt displayed the URL properly, so here it is again broken into chunks. You'll need to reassemble as it is without the line-breaks: