Saturday, March 01, 2008

Retired Greyhound social walk

Tania organised a walk for owners and walkers of retired greyhounds in Richmond Park a couple of Sundays ago.

Nick and Liz took some beautiful photos (see their whole set here). This is the one they took of Alexa sitting patiently hoping Anna gives her a biscuit. Alexa is quite unusual, most greyhounds never sit (hence it is not worth taking a greyhound to dog training classes).

And here is one they took of everyone outside Isabella plantations.

Alexa loves meeting other greyhounds, and the sun shone, we all really enjoyed it.

At any one time their are about 60 retired greyhounds at the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare kennels in Hersham, waiting for adoption. The nice thing about the walk is that it brings together greyhounds who have been adopted (and their owners) with hounds who are at the kennels waiting to be adopted (and the kind folks who picked them up and took them out for the day).

Once a year a big event is held called Reach the Beach, where owners and walkers take the hounds down to the beach at West Witterings near Chichester.

Tania and I (in conjunction with Nick and Liz who organise Reach the Beach) have set up a blog called Friends of Hersham Hounds to give news about future events.

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