Sunday, March 26, 2006

Meeting other succesful authors

Yesterday I went to an Alternatives workshop on Creative writing.

The course leader was Nick Williams who has written books such as The work we were born to do and How to be inspired.

The first thing Nick asked to us to do was to introduce ourselves to other people in the room as though we had already published a really succesful book that we were proud of.

I told a tall, quiet chap about my history of Hungarian literature, and how I had written it without ever having read a Hungarian novel. I told him about my research for the book, which involved riding on buses and trams in Budapest and asking people to tell me which stories and characters from their country’s literature had made an impression on them.

He told me about his economics book. He wrote it from the standpoint that resources in the world are abundant, thus overturning the traditional view of of economists that resources are scarce. His book has inspired the creation of many different self-sufficient communities. He is proudest of the one near his hometown in the West Country, which now has over 50 members.

Later on I introduced myself to Maureen who has written a self help book from the different perspectives of the many cultural groups in London.

And I met Stephanie who has written a book about how to connect with people. I told her about the book that I had written on how to enjoy life, with its chapters on how to enjoy watching a cricket match, how to enjoy your lunch break, how to enjoy an art exhibition and so on.

Stephanie and I have agreed to co-operate on a book which will tell you you how to enjoy connecting with people at art galleries, cricket matches……….

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