Friday, January 05, 2007

Anna's horse

We bought Anna a horse for christmas.

She is a bit weak, she has no strength in her legs so we have to carry her anywhere she wants to go. She still spends most of the day sleeping. We call her 'floppy'.

When I came downstairs early yesterday morning floppy was asleep on the sofa, so I sketched her for you


cosmos said...

Very nice drawing. Thank you for sharing. I wish I can draw like you.

James Lappin said...

Thank you for your kind comment Cosmos.

If you'd like to draw, give it a go. Not to find out whether you can draw, everyone can draw, when we write with a pen that is just drawing, drawing letters. And not to find out whether your drawing is better or worse than anyone else (what does that matter?), but just to see if you like it, and where it takes you.

The great thing about drawing is that it gets you to look at and engage with the things in your life (not anyone else's!), the things in front of your eyes, The things and people around you that make your life unique. I love my train journeys now that I just sit and draw the people on the train with me.

I like Danny Gregory's advice not to worry about how the drawing turn out. He says just draw, and when you've finished close your pad. Look at it next day if you want.

Good luck and enjoy!